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Many Books

Hello all from Dizzy World. My own private constant buzzed-type feel, without the use of any acohol. I don't recommend it.

Anyways, I got a bundle of books this week. Only one really stood out for me. And none were actually bad. Most just a "ah yes, that was interesting" or "that was ok."

All bullet reviews forthcoming, no pretty pictures:

Ultimate Fantastic Four #30: I am a sucker for Doom. I don't know if I"m a sucker for Ultimate Doom yet. This was a pretty book, as it usually is, and the story was actually not to bad. A little tired of the zombies though. Hoping that arc ends soon. Looking forward to seeing Ultimate Doom for the first time. (I know its not his first appearance, but it is for me.)
Overall Rating: 2/5.

Red Sonja #10: I"m starting to keen up to the flashbacks of Young Sonja. Gives me a bit of history that way. This is the last of this arc. The next ish looks like a filler that started out in ish 9/10. Still, some weird foe stalking her is interesting. Decent story, could have used more...oomph I guess.
Overall Rating: 2/5.

Books of Doom #6 of 6: We all knew how this ends up. But was still some good storytelling. Loved the page of the first official "Von Doom". As I mentioned before, I"m a sucker for Doom, so this was a nice little mini, well written.
Overall Rating: 3/5. Overall Mini Rating: 4/5.

Red Sonja Vs. Thulsa Doom #4 of 4: Another of my minis comes to an end, and I"m glad this one did. It kind of went out with a whimper, in regards to the main antagonist. However, it set up a nice little ending for her status in her homeland, which I did really like. I hope that the writers of Red Sonja pick up on that some and continue it.
Overall Rating: 2/5. Overall Mini Rating: 2/5

Action Comics #839: Not impressive. The whole Luthor story/background is kinda crap. But I so did like the Superman inner dialogues and discussions with Lois. Now that was some good Clark/Supes stuff. The stuff with Luthor is just not good.
Overall Rating: 2/5.

BattleStar Galactica #0: I don't watch the new series. So I was a little lost. It kind of just jumps into the story during the trek. I would have liked to have had more history, but eh, I guess that’s what the old 70’s-80’s books are for. I did like the end though. Nice little surprise. I had a hard time recognizing Adama throughout the book though-- art was a little scruffy for my tastes.
Overall Rating: 2/5.

Rising Stars Untouchable #4 of 5: I keep buying this. I shouldn't. Its not really that good. Probably because I was dumb enough to have my LCBS order it for me, and I'd feel guilty not buying it then. It has gov't spies, it has some foreign country spies, it has CIA. But its kind of a morass of non-gelled gelatin? There's just no real story here.
Overall Rating: 1/5.

Wraithborn #6 of 6: This didn't end as bad as I thought it would. The story has kind of been haphazard, and this doesn't tie up alot of loose ends. But its pretty to look at. I like the art alot. It has some potential if they want to follow up with this series. I just got tired of the protagonist as a big wuss throughout the entire series, when you know she gets to be a bad ass at some point later in life.
Overall Rating: 3/5. Overall Mini Rating: 2/5

52 Week 4: This was a step up for me. I actually liked this issue. The Steel portion is doing nothing for me at all, and so far a waste of space. I"m liking the Montoya portions, even though I didnt' think I would. I liked the ending. That was very interesting. And the Booster Gold piece is boring me to tears too. But I really liked the Montoya portions, and that is actually overcoming the other mess for me in this book.
Overall Rating: 2/5.

Amazing SpiderMan #532: I liked this issue alot. He's not going to do it. I know he's going to be the switch-hitter. Great dialogue in this book, excellent dilemma. This is the one hero who is going to have the biggest issue with the whole "regisration/unmask thing." That is why I am onboard for all the SpiderMan Civil War. And, we get a pleasant surprise at the end, clothing-wise. yaay! You go Aunt May girl!! Strong issue, except for the blatant failure of continuity- yes Chris, even I would have noticed that. Secretary of State my arse!
Overall Rating: 3/5

Son of M #6/6: Randy's Book of Week. Why? Inhumans. And, even to be spoilerish-- someone says one word. Someone who should never ever speak, and never ever does. He even says that on the cover. Man, that one word just sooo made me creep out. I got all giddy. Then I realized something sad. Its Marvel, so they'll probably just let it drop. They better ass not!!! That is a great setup, and they better follow it through. Come on Inhuman Mini/Maxi. Or even a mini-event. I was excited at the end of the book, and I didn't even care that it had Pietro in it anymore. I got lots of Inhuman goodness, we get to see a civil Eric, and Luna scares the bejeezus out of me. I was fascinated. This ish held my attention thoroughly.
Overall Rating: 4/5. Overall Mini Rating: 3/5.


Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Re: Son of M, I'm very curious to see whether the consequences of that one word on Genosha are reflected in New Avengers #20, which should be occuring in Genosha.

Probably won't be, but I can hope, right?

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see a Black Bolt solo book.
Without the other Inhuman hang around mucking it up. Something epic , without the inhuman history slowing it down!

Black Bolt unleashed, fighting Glatacus or a Magnus for the fate of some adoptive planet.

As one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, Black Bolt has never been allowed into the big boy club . All the "Cosmic" gathering he always left off the invite list.
No Stranger or Infinity Gauntlet invites for him? Let the BB play and shout.

11:54 AM  
Blogger redlib said...

Hi 2 guys. I sent Randy an email- have presents from Wizard for you, if you wish. Better hurry or some other fanboy smoke you for them...

6:21 PM  
Anonymous carla said...

also Re: Son of M
Come on Inhuman Mini/Maxi.
TELL ME you have read Jenkins's Inhumans miniseries with the Jae Lee art?
I can honestly say that was the first book in over 8 years of collecting (at the time) I'd actually looked forward to getting every month when it came out. True genius there.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Randy said...

Calvin- I am in full agreement with you. I can only hope.

Anon- I am a fan of the Inhumans as a whole. I don't know if people would go for Black Bolt solo, or if he is too tied to the Inhumans as a group. Of course, not that many people go for the Inhumans at all.

redlib- sent you an email at original email address. how that was ok. and THANK YOU again!!

Carla-- I did not get to read that series. I was out of comics for close to 12 years and it probably fell into that time frame. I will look for it though and give it a try. Thank you.

9:08 AM  

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