Friday, May 26, 2006

Reviews, Lotsa Books

Randy has psuedo returned. Been ill for over a month now, I don't recommend this to anyone. I don't care if I have lost over 25 pounds, this is NOT the way to do it. Way Sucky!

But I did get lots of books this week. Ten to be exact. So, five bullet reviews, five "pretty picture" reviews.

First, the not so hot books. Well, to be honest, some of these were good too, but just not "pretty picture" worthy.

10. Fantastic Four- A Death In The Family One Shot
I got suckered. I bought into the hype. F You Joe Q. This book was lame. The only redeeming quality was that it had a Franklin Richards backup story. Still not worth $4. Snooze. Nothing really redeeming to read here. Wait for the trade on the Franklin Richards stories. You know F'ing Joe Q (F U Joe Q) will probably put one out.
Overall Rating: 0/5. Even the Franklin Richards story could not conquer this trash.

9. Annihilation Ronan #2/4
This was a far cry from ish 1. I was a little sad, as I was really looking forward to this being better than it was. It wasn't horrible, it was just kinda...filler. Still waiting for the Wave to be in here somewhere too, but this must just be the hokey buildup.
Overall Rating: 1/5. Disappointing. However, Annihilation has still been worth reading overall.

8. 52 #3/52
Let me begin by saying that I will not be buying this after issue 4. I have not been happy with this series to date. I find it quite boring and droll. Big snooze fest. This week however did give me lots of Black Adam. He's a prick like Namor, and I kinda like him that way. He is one of my favorite characters at DC. But, I"m still not going to keep dishing out $2.50 a week for this not-so-good series, when I can add an additional 50 cents and get something just as bad on accident. Maybe I can pick up Robin once.
Overall Rating: 1/5.

7. Not Avengers The Collective #19
When will the public stop putting their noses up BMB's arse and figure out that this is just not a good book. And PLEASE, PLEASE STOP USING THE YOUNG AVENGERS IN EVERY FUCKING BOOK YOU PUBLISH MARVEL. Its like a Batman appearance in a DC title, but Batman doesn't suck ass. Anyways, not much happens here, again. The Spider Twins, Wolverine and Sentry just need to go away and get some "group" heroes in there.
Overall Rating: 2/5. I"m being generous. NO. I'm not going to be generous. Screw it. 1/5.

6. Buckaroo Banzai Return of the Screw #1/3
Now this was at least a nice setup book, and a neat little story. Having some history of Buckaroo Banzai will help you immensely if you wish to read this book though. Its quirky, can be hard to follow otherwise. It was fun. It had some good spirit to it, if not a little on the depressing side. Even when things are down, these boys know how to keep it positive, but in the book they just aren't doing that. Jersey was pretty much dead on though.
Overall Rating: 2/5. Nice start. Art was ok. But a nice setup issue. Recommended.

5. Daredevil
The Devil in Cell Block-D, Part Four
An excellent book. Not much action, so if you are looking for the past few issues, stay away. However, Punisher and Kingpin start Murdock thinking again, and that was way interesting to see, that these two guys start getting Murdock on the right track. "What it looks like when you turn into me" was a fantastic line in this book. You go Frank. Frank Castle, welcome back to the regular Marvel U. Its nice to have you back. Things will be coming to a head in the next issue. Not really caring about the outside prison stuff though. Its kinda blah and not very interesting. There's another DD out there. So. Just wait for Murdock to get there, then it'll be interesting. Pretty sure it ain't Peter either. My $ is on PowerFist or Clint Barton.
Overall Rating: 3/5. Didn't have some of the bang that the other issues have had, but it moves the plot very well and sets up the next couple of issues very well. Fine dalogue though, fine dialogue.

4. Secret Six
Six Degrees of Devastation
Part 1: Exposed

Ah, Gail Simone. So pleased that you are writing this. Because it focuses on the six themselves, and the story of Villians United vs. the Secret Six coming front and center. About fricking time too. I do so enjoy the bantering amongst the six though, with all recognizing their unofficial leader being Catman.
They start in North Korea. I liked how that went down.
They end starting to be devastated. What would you expect when the Villians United are gunning for you though? That's a whole lotta badness coming right down on ya. Was actually a little saddened to see some of them taken apart so...easily. I"m starting to like "Doll". Talking to the stuffed parademon is just creepy enough for me to laugh and take to the character.
Overall Rating: 3/5. Seemed too easy. Way too many odds really for this group to continue.

3. X-Factor
Two Meetings, One in Person, One Not

Another fine outing from PAD and the XFactor gang. Very little Rictor, which makes me extremely happy. Prick. I'm a little disturbed over Siryn. She's just bonker denial girl. The meeting between Madrox and Singularity went very well, just as expected. Otherwise, not a lot going on in this issue. Was nice to see PAD focus on the story, on what is at hand, and NOT on the entirety of the Marvel U. Although Civil War comes next. Sigh. Not expecting too much, since I am expecting a "forced story" from PAD, which just won't flow well, so I won't hold him accountable. It will have Quicksilver though. Maybe he and Rictor can't get into a bitch slap fight and slap each other into oblivion? Please? Request made.
Overall Rating: 3/5. Good story. Not spectacular. But good. Good plot mover again. Siryn- come out of denial. Please. I see that as a boring storyline coming.

2. Catwoman
The Replacements

My patience with this book and OYL is starting to pay dividends. Finally, finally Selina comes back into the fold. And its about frigging time too! No um, offense to Holly of course.
And, and I get a guest appearance by Wildcat of the JSA. Its nice to see other members of the DCU getting some air time. It doesn't all have to be about Batman or a Green Lantern making a guest appearance. Oh, did I mention that Bruce Wayne makes a guest appearance too? K, well he does too.
But Holly and Wildcat was a scene to appreciate. Good stuff Will. I get a little wrap story with Slam and Selina. Fine, fine.
But then, and finally, I get my Selina back as Catwoman. Same costume and all...sorta. I laughed my ass off when I read that scene.
And, it still has that creepy late nite tv show host who films weird stuff and hypes it. He has a name, I just can't think of it right now. Interesting ending. I bet they use that to their advantage at some point.
Oh PS: that is not the Catwoman cover. We get some odd, eclectic Adam Hughes Cover. Its not bad at all, but its not that lame thing you see here as the cover.
Overall Rating: 4/5. Finally, my Will and Catwoman are back, and I"m pleased.

And now, drum roll please, Randy's book of the week, and it may surprise you is:

Birds of Prey #94

Progeny Part Three: Stolen Inferno

This book came out of nowhere and knocked my socks off. Literally. Well ok, I took them off to get more comfortable, but Lots of great dialogue. Lots of good old fashioned ass-kicking. Now I am understanding what is going on in this book, as it offers a heap of back story. Thank you Gail, that helped a whole helluva lot and is allowing me to enjoy this book again. Dinah. Wow. I love the Shiva trade w/ Dinah. I find that very interesting, and I want to see how this affects the future. Very interesting. Also, Prometheus vs. Shiva. LOL, didn't quite live up to the hype. Oh, the cover, not happening in this issue. I'm thinking, and hoping, its the next one. And that is going to be a great ish. Back to Dinah- now that I understand what is going on, her side story is now much more interesting to read. This was just a fine overall book. Well done Gail, well done.

Overall Rating: I"m doing it. 5/5. I loved this book. The car scenes made me laugh too. Shiva is a great addition, but who knows for how long.


Anonymous carla said...

I sucessfully told three pull customers NOT to buy FF: Death in the Family.

There are just somethings that even I can't sell without some honesty.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Canton said...

You can blame it on my newbie status or not, but I actually liked FF: Death in the Family. The cover story was insignificant, sure, but the characterization was fun. Maybe the "Sue can't cook chili" gag is an old one (no idea) but... Heh. The family stuff; it's what I like best about the FF.

The Byrne reprint and the Franklin Richards story were also good reads. So I guess I got my money's worth.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Moose N Squirrel said...

"FF: Death in the Family" was actually better than anything I've seen in the main FF title in a long time. Of late, one-shots, minis ("First Family" and the amazing "Big In Japan") and the Ultimate line have been the only place to find decent Fantastic Four comics.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Oliver Townshend said...

Lets get this right (second time lucky for this post)

boring and droll? Better hit your dictionary, those words don't go together. Droll means dry, witty, humourous. It's often used sarcastically or ironically, but I don't think you mean it that way.

5:50 PM  
Blogger redlib said...

Welcome back from the Peruvian-chicken virus or whatever knocked you on your ass for a month!
I haven't read the BOP yet, so I skipped that part but was glad to see it on the top of your list.

4:23 PM  

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