Thursday, June 22, 2006

Getting Ahead of Ourselves

Welcome to a dual post of 2 Guys Buying Comics.

The cover to JLA #2 was released with DC's September solicitations. Pictured on the cover are the new members of the JLA (well, 3 of them anyway). The rest are silhouettes designed to get the comicsblogoweb in a frenzy of speculation.

Consider 2 Guys Buying Comics officially frenzied. Let us begin.

(Click to enlarge please.)

Obviously we have Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. But, the mystery deepens. Who are....the shadows?!?

1. Winged Figure at 12:00

Chris Take: The presence of wings and a mace would seem to indicate Thor. (Har!) Actually, I"m going with Hawkgirl because it seems too slender to be Hawkman and he's probably destined for the JSA anyway because DC hates me.

Randy Take: Its Hawkman, because Hawkgirl stole his damn book and he now has nothing to do but hang with the JLA, because well, it gives him something to do, and DC hates Chris.

2. Caped Collared Figure at 11:00

Chris Take: Looks like Red Tornado to me, despite the fact that we've seen him dismembered in three different series. Actually, you know what? I'm going with Red Inferno, the Tornado's brother, who got a mention in 52. I don't think that was an accident. I'm calling my shot.

Randy Take: I'm going with the mainstay of Martian Manhunter, because Meltzer isn't that fricking dumb to use the new design, that apparently no one likes but the dude drawing the new outfit in the new series. And well, its just not a JLA without Martian Manhunter.

3. Shadow Behind Batman's Cape at 9:00

Chris Take: I say it's an arc from Red Inferno's, erm, vapor trails.

Randy Take: What shadow?

4. Green Ringed Figure at 6:00

Chris Take: Gotta be Hal. Guy is off in GLC. John Stewart doesn't have hair that messy. And they didn't spend all that time bringing Hal back just to put Kyle back in the JLA.

Randy Take: Insert any random Green Lantern here, because, quite honestly, aren't they all the same with shiny alien jewelry? Well, except for G'nort, and that big Kilowog guy? And it ain't them.

5. Large Chested Shadow with Things Coming Out of the Top of Her Head at 4:00

Chris Take: Large Chested Woman with Things Coming Out of the Top of Her Head. I got nothing, although knowing Michael Turner's work it could be Robin for all we know.

Randy Take: Big Barda. But she doesn't look quite big enough, but then again, it is Turner. You see his SuperGirl? I thought Creeper for a minute, but then I took another sip of beer, realized I was being dumb, and went back to Big Barda.

6. Figure with Green Bow at 3:00

Chris Take: Someone is graduating from the Titans and my guess is Connor Hawke taking up the mantle of Green Arrow because poppa is too busy being Mitchell Hundred Mayor of Star City.

Randy Take: OK. Sign me up. Who's Mitchell Hundred?

7. Leaping Gloved Figure With Size 2 Waist at 2:00

Chris Take: I'm going with Manhunter because Randy is holding a gun to my head as we speak chanting, "Make it Happen You Bastards!" Um, yeah, Manhunter. Plus, in a league dedicated to justice, the presence of a lawyer would be ironic. Heh.

Randy Take: Read some various posts on this, everyone seems to think it's a gal with a ponytail. Black Canary? Nay, she is busy in Birds of Prey, and I don't see her leaving anytime soon. I am voting for Manhunter. Always has ponytail, and is a typical pose for her. Only catch- West Coast dweller, and no staff. But its Turner, he probably forgot the staff while his hand was in his pocket. Or holding the pencil. (Heh)

8. Generic Flying Dude Below Hawk Thing In The Relative Middle Of The Picture (No O'Clock)

Chris Take: I think it's Firestorm because what appear to be large gloves are in actuality his puffy pirate sleeves. Figure the head is drawn at a weird angle and something about Firestorm in this new JLA just seems right in keeping with the vibe. (No, not Vibe. Apologies to Scipio.)

Randy Take: If it wasn't for the uber smooth looking head, I'd vote for Captain Atom. Firestorm is a good pick, but looks awfully....smooth to be Firestorm. Cap Atom has them big red gloves, so I'm sticking with him.

Thoughts, comments, haiku, epic poetry? No Bob Dylan wanna-be's, please. There is only one.


Blogger CalvinPitt said...

The one at 4 o'clock? I'm going to say that's Steel's daughter having rebuilt her armor since John henry destroyed it in 52 #1. It had a sort of ponytail-tail thing.

I ahve no idea why she'd be there, but this is meltzer's book, so it's not like I'll be reading it anyway.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous sonic_rexx said...

No o'clock: To me, it's Ray. Or The Ray. Time will tell.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Ragnell said...

The Manhunter for #7? You've gotta be kidding me. She has a short ponytail, and she's a legacy destined for JSA. All those golden age ties, it's telegraphed.

Can remember who has hair that long, though.

I'm thinking #5 might be Zatanna with a brand new bug-headress costume.

12:42 AM  
Anonymous carla said...

Looks like Red Tornado to me, despite the fact that we've seen him dismembered in three different series.
The Red Tornado is ALWAYS dismantled, gentlemen. It's his MO. But I agree that it's not a League without the Martian Manhunter and if they try without him they will fail. Go J'onn!

1:51 AM  
Blogger Marionette said...

Leaping gloved figure at 2 o'clock - Could that possibly be Bulleteer?

6:53 AM  

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