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Twelve Books for Review

Greetings to the world. I neglected to put up reviews last week due to "busywork," but not so this week. They will all be mini reviews, all non spoiler. They will be in worst to fave order, and there may be some surprises in there even.

12. Rising Stars Untouchable. #5/5
I should have just dropped this series much like I did the Ghost Rider mini in midstream, but I didn't, and I'm all the dumber for it. This was a dog. It ended pathetically. The last 3 issues were just plain kinda silly and thoughtless.
Overall: 0/5. Series Rating: 1/5. Just....bad.

11. Superman/Batman. #27
I do so like the Huntress. One of my favorite characters. This was just kinda a silly little issue. I now regret buying it. It had lots of the Huntress (and Power Girl)...sorta. That's all I say on that topic. It did lead into the current SuperGirl series, where PowerGirl is currently existing. I actually just kinda skimmed through this because it just wasn't catching my eye. Actually, it was kinda dumb. And now, I don't have to buy it anymore. The art was kinda funky too. Didn't seem right.
Overall: 1/5. It did still have the Huntress. Sort of.

10. The Flash. #1
I too will not call it by its "official" title. Thats silly. I am not a big Flash guy. Never really have been. But what the heck, its a reboot. After reading it, I'm still not a Flash fan. Just didn't really win me over. I'll read Chris' next couple of issues and see if it improves, but I'm not adding anymore cash to the title. Unless it makes a drastic improvement somewhere along the way. I did however like the art in it. The story was just blah.
Overall: 1/5. It just didn't do too much for me.

9. Shadowpact. #2
I liked the mini. I liked the one shot. I haven't like the regular series, and at this rate, I don't see it lasting too long in my buy pile. If its a choice between keeping this or Manhunter at DC, there is NO decision. I was rooting for the "bad team", because, well, Shadowpact is doing nothing for me, and the bad guys seem to be more fun anyways. Except that big blobby guy. Loved the White Rabbit- he was pretty cool. This book just isn't clicking with me, and I think I may have to end it.
Overall: 1/5. And I still hate the chimp.

8. Ultimates 2. #11
Was it worth the wait? long as the next one comes out sooner, maybe. The cover is way misleading. Maybe should have saved that for the next ish? The ending was kinda cool. Lets see them handle that!! Also liked the Clint, that was a great entry. Not used to Wasper using a gun though. It was a very pretty book. Very well drawn. Its still much more Avengerish than the regular title has been, and that's a great big bonus too. I like the characters and the fight in this one. Kinda wimpy with Thor though.
Overall: 2/5. Make the cover a reality. Do it. Just do it.

7. Red Sonja. #11
I got the Queen cover. Just a tidbit there. Had the sharpest looking cover. Now, its Red Sonja. Do I have to go into great detail here? No. She meets uber foe. They fight. They tell stories. They fight more. More people come fight. A nasty little surprise was there though (it kinda pissed me off too.) And a great big ass wooly mastodon to end this chapter in the arc. And, it was, as usual, pretty art.
Overall: 2/5. Was not happy with the nasty little surprise.

6. Birds of Prey. #95
I have become a regular reader of BoP. Overall, its a fun read. I was a little disappointed in this issue. It just seemed to end in a blah kinda way. No real bang there. Interesting, yes, but not for Years down the road. I did so like the Gypsy though- now that was impressive. And the art was also very well done in this one- I was very pleased to see that. I like that Prometheus guy. He seemed like such a silly little bad guy, but he's actually entertaining. And of course, Huntress.
Overall: 2/5. Just seemed to fall flat as an arc ender.

5. Captain America. #19
Guest Stars Galore!!! Union Jack, Spitfire, SHIELD Agent, Red S, Winter Soldier, MI5. Does it get any better than MI5? NO! Lots of duking it out, massive setup for the coming arcs. I like the SHIELD Agent. Hope she sticks around. Nice to see a non-filler in an arc. This is continued great storytelling, improvement over the previous ish. Also, another very well drawn book.
Overall: 3/5. MI-5. Excellent.

4. New Avengers. #20.
What you say? #4 on the list. Even though I have no idea what Xorn is, and I really don't care, at least I saw more Avengers doing more in this book than almost all in the previous past, even though it was just zombies. Still, I'm seeing improvement in this one. Just like I did um, a few issues back in one issue somewhere along the way. BMB is trying. I saw more involvement finally. I don't like Bob. Sentry. Whatever the hell you want to call him. He will not be around after Disassembled though I'm betting, as I will be expecting a lineup overhaul.
Overall: 3/5. Ending was rushed, but that's ok, its headed for changes, so good I say. Rush it.

3. Manhunter. #23
SAVED!!!!!! For at least five more issues. Dump the crap called Shadowpact and keep this book around. I mean, is it the greatest thing written in comics. Hell no. However, its a nice crisp story, that continues from book to book, without the need to know what happened in issue 14 to understand #23. It has an interesting history of Kate going on right now, with Golden Age ties, which is kind of interesting to read about. It does need to have a little drop down action more often, but its getting there. I still say this book never needed the OYL reboot, but oh well.
Overall: 3/5. Keep up the decent storyline, although the Psycho storyline is full front in the next one. Sigh.

#2. Annihilation Nova. #3/4
Why so high. Because I had fun reading this book. More quipping from Drax and even Quasar got into it a little bit with Nova. I loved the bad guy appearance- that was impressive looking. The art suits the book, even though it is a bit...umm....liney? Is that even a word? This book also made me really want to read the last ish in this series- promises to be a big drag down uber fight..which enthralls me. Although Quasar as the wise man in this one? That one doesn't jive very well, but I'll buy into it for now.
Overall: 3/5. Gimme big ass drag down knockout fight in space- everyone loves a space fight, don't they?

AND, the #1 book of the week:

Eternals #1/6
I loved the art. Very old school. Works wonders in this book. I enjoyed the Sersi sequence a lot, more of a flake than I remember, but its a new take on her, as compared to her Queen Bitch days in the Avengers. I also got a great little nutshell history of the Eternals, which was a little convoluted for me, but not all of it is important, anyways. It has a Stark appearance. It has some great little sequences about hero registration, which made me chuckle that it was included in a mini that had been planned for awhile and not really mainstream Marvel. Did I mention yet that it is very well written? No? Well, I enjoyed this book heartily, and it is very very wordy. No action. I'm interested to just learn more about the Eternals, so I"m still intrigued to read these.
Overall: 4/5. Excellent story. VERY glad that put that damn UPC label on the back too. FINALLY!!!

That's it gang. Have a lovely week.


Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I'll agree with you on the art in Annihilation: Nova. Nova and Quasar especially, they look very, how do I put this, aged to me.

It's not a huge problem, but I was kind of under the impression they were both younger than Spider-Man, so it's a little distracting.

6:36 PM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

Xorn is Magneto in disguise (after his "death" in New X Men #116 or thereabouts), according to Grant Morrison, except Claremont threw a hissy fit and retconned it so that Xorn was instead a bloke pretending to be Magneto pretending to be Xorn. Then Chucklin' Chuck Austen decided to give Xorn (who didn't actually exist, remember) a twin brother with the exact same powers, name and costume.

Everyone was confused, some were angry, and Marvel promised that House of M would sort out the "Xorneto" situation. But as we saw, Bendis had far too much story to get through in HoM as it was, so that bit slipped through...

Stupid Marvel.

2:16 AM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

Oh, and I really liked Eternals too, even with the Civil War nastiness.

7:36 AM  

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