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Books, Books, Books

Its that time of the week, where I finally read all the books, and now I get to punch up some thoughts on each of them.

I will rank them from #10 to #1, with a smattering of pretty pictures too. OK, no pictures. Blogger ain't working right. Pictures ain't uploading.

As usual, hopefully no spoilers for you all, because well, that's no fun. But um, some I dont' think I can hold back from. Especially one book in particular.

Now, I am watching the match between Germany and Argentina, so bear with me if these are "slackier" than usual.

Actually, Brave New World gets its own "review", and not included in the rankings.

Brave New World
Overall, this was at least entertaining.
Martian Manhunter: Ha ha, that new outfit looks silly. And, quite honestly, I have never really cared all that much about Martian Manhunter. Not a story or book I"m going to buy into. Just seems kinda boring.
OMAC: Aaaaaaahhhhh....haven't we had enough of these? Didn't they kill them all off? Waste of paper for printing. Blah. Not a chance.
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters: Man, long title. Seems kinda Ultimatish, even though I know that these guys were around far longer...but they seem so wimpy in comparison. I read one of the mini, it didnt' grab me, so this won't grab me either.
Creeper: I wanted this when I first heard it was coming out. Just seems like a fun book. Can Creeper hang out more with Batman? Now that, THAT would be entertainment. I"m in for this mini.
Atom: I'll give it a try. Gail has done overall well with BoP, and love Villians. So, what the heck, gimme a couple issues.
Trials of Shazam: I like the concept of Captain Marvel. But he's always been such Guy puts it "Capt Whitebread". He needs some cajones, even if he was a kid at heart. Seemed kinda silly. BUT, as a 12 issue maxi? No. No way.

9. Necromancer #6/6 Lithium
Man, did this go out with a whimper. It had as much bang as Wraithborn did. It needed something bigger. It was way too goody-two-shoes. Was it pretty? Yes. Is anything from Top Cow not pretty? And, it wasn't all breasty, as Top Cow is um, prone to do. They could do far more with this character and book, but they seemed to keep it way too bubbly.
Rating: 1/5. Series Rating: 2/5

8. Action Comics #840 Up, Up, And Away Finale
Ho hum. Was a nice little sappy ending here too. Too sappy. Man, he is a good samaritan, isn't he? Hopefully with this reboot, no more robots, no more extras taking care of "Crystal Palace" or whatever we call his crystal fortress getaway. Going back to old school Supes too, the Jimmy Olsen touch was very nicely done, a nice throwback. Lois takes a real backseat in this one. Kinda odd.
Rating: 2/5. 8 Part Series Rating: 2/5.

7. Catwoman #56
Just not enough happening. Wildcat making constant appearances is nice, but kinda getting old. The midnite film guy is kinda freaky, and I like him. A lot. Tell me that the ending of this wasn't done waaaaay too soon. I just hope that Will does not keep using this plotline, as its going to get old real damn fast. I do like how it was drawn though. Seemed kinda old school.
Rating: 2/5

6. X-Factor: Civil War 1
I think Peter Parker should just publish a damn book on House of M, since he seems to tell the damn story to anyone who asks. Sheesh. Anyone else thinks Siryn looks a lot like Neve Campbell? It wasn't bad, it had lots of Layla talk in it, so that was a lot of fun. Nothing else really flashed for me. Wasnt' a bad book. Seemed like a filler book for me, but a big arse buildup for the next one.
Rating: 2/5

5. Amazing SpiderMan #533 The Night the War Came Home
And so it begins. The Spiderman haters are out in force. Where are the Spiderman fans? You'd think that would make for some interesting clashes and a book or two for a story right there. Spidey has to break up a fight about himself. Someone else may be doing that soon. Parker is now hunted by paparazzi. Looks like they will be prisoners in "Avengers Tower." And, J Jonah is all back to himself now. In his own special way. Interesting take, but no chance in hell. That last page- no. No way. I'm pretty confident that two of the most prominent members in that room are NOT on that team. You'll know who I mean here soon enough.
Rating: 2/5 Its not really that bad of a read, just a couple scenes are hard to take.

4. Annihilation Ronan #3/4
I was very impressed with the fight with Gamora. It was long, and not overly drawn out as both sides looked for advantages, busted out "secret" weapons, but ended kinda blah. Everything else in the book was fluff for me. The knock-down drag out fight was so well done though. It looks like Ronan is not going to be the big player in the Wave, like the other books will be. The Wave and Ronan have finally met though.
Rating: 3/5. I loved that fight.

3. Moon Knight #3 The Bottom Ch. 3
I think if Finch could just tone down the musculature, this would a such a far better book. Although, I have seen far worse, so I"m not going to complain a ton. Its great to see who Huston is using at MK's first "foe", or should I say Marc's first foe? The group was the first to hire him, and was one of his first foes in MK V.1. Its a great setup. And I love Contigency T. Very much looking forward to this. I saw appearances I wanted to see. And the panels where Finch is telling the story is incredible. No words are needed. Its freaking bee-you-tee-full.
Rating: 4/5 This was even better the second reading.

I couldn't make up my mind. Both were totally incredible.
I"ll go alphabetical.
Daredevil #86 Devil in Cell Block D Part 5
First of all, that is a nice Finch cover. And the inside of the book is just spectacular. The first "guest" appearance really learns us on the danger of the situation. I enjoyed the setup. And then, as we all know, all hell breaks loose. And so is Bullseye. Murdock reverts to his somewhat law-abiding self and offers warnings to those who should have it. Never been a Bullseys fan, but man is he fun in this one. Loving me some big knock-down-drag-out fight in this ish. And Frank? He's sitting this one out. He has four dead peeps in front of his cell. But it was purely "defensive". Heh. And then the end. I LOVE the ending to this ish. All I'm going to say, once again, is "Welcome Back to the Marvel U Frank, Welcome Back."
Rating: 5/5. Damn fine impressive. This ish gets a F*&# YEAH!!
Fantastic Four #538 Street Fighting
I'm premising this with a F%&* YEAH!! I get me the initials DB. Do we need anything else from this issue? Hell no!!! DB!!! The tension is in the air between Sue and Reed already. I"m with Sue dammit! And then we get a very entertaining section of Thing on Yancy Street, which also will lead to some great team tension and some great next issues, especially since we will now only see Thing in FF, and not his regular series. I was impressed. This issue has some great storytelling, some great story buildup and some great characterization. And the end!!! Holy M'F'ing sheeot...its about damn time!!!
Rating: 5/5.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daredevil was outstanding again this week, im suprised you didn't read Young Avengers. Epic. so pretty.

3:59 AM  
Blogger James Meeley said...

Interesting thing here, is that your highest praise on Marvel's books, almost comes exclusively to ones that have nothing to do with Civil War (FF being the only exception). I wonder if that's saying something significant...

2:50 PM  
Anonymous rk said...

Yeah, the Taskmaster looked almost "Rob-Liefield-esque" in that last panel of Moon Knight, didn't he?

I was never a Moon Knight fan before, but I'm really enjoying this relaunch...

12:22 PM  

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