Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's A Brave New World

Right then, full reviews tomorrow, but I thought DC's Brave New World deserved an entry of its own, seeing as how it was six previews for a buck. Was it good enough to make me want to buy the new series it advertised? Read on, with massive spoilers ahoy!

MARTIAN MANHUNTER --- OK, that was a neat trick with the cardboard cutouts. But the new design for Marty is God-awful; it's got me missing the pirate boots already. That said, a pissed-off vengeful MM who might actually, you know, be doing some manhunting is a decent enough hook for me. A.J. Lieberman's work is unfamiliar to me, though what I've read about it hasn't been glowing.

The only other thing that worries me is that it's an 8-issue mini, which seems a little long to me for this particular concept. I see myself buying at least the first two issues. Interest Level: 6/10

OMAC --- The "preview" consists entirely of a Gotham druggie's dream sequence in which he is chased by and subsequently turned into an OMAC. The art by Renato Guedes is shockingly detailed and quite good, I thought. Unfortunately, my desire to read anything with OMACs in, around, or on it is roughly equivalent to my desire to shove a flaming yardstick through my eye.

Factor in Bruce Jones on the title and 8 issues of The Sensational Plot Device Find of 2005, and I don't see any reason to even give this one a shot, despite the pretty, pretty art. Interest Level: 2/10

UNCLE SAM AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS --- I'm nostalgia-free on this one, having no particular love for the Freedom Fighters in previous incarnations, and having been mystified enough with Battle for Bludhaven to not finish that series. However, the last page of this preview --- an Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeve saying "We got work ta do", gave me a few goosebumps. There's something charmingly old school about the character, and the new Ray and Human Bomb seem likeable enough.

Plus, it's Gray and Palmiotti writing it, which pretty much means that I'm in for at least the first couple of issues no matter what. Such is the power of Jonah Hex. Could be heavy-handed, could be fun superheroing. Interest Level: 5/10

THE CREEPER --- The Creeper is one of those characters I've always admired from afar, never having read much of or about him. Judging from this preview though, I very much want to. Jack Ryder, lefty blowhard TV commentator by day, scary-as-hell vigilante by night? I'm in. Justiniano's art looks appropriately, erm, creepy, and this too has an old-school comics feel to it.

Steve Niles, having absolutely blown it with Gotham County Line, gets another shot from me on this one, at least an issue's worth. Also, points for keeping it to 6 issues instead of 8. Interest level: 7/10

THE ALL-NEW ATOM --- Ryan Choi apparently gets the legacy of the Atom handed to him by Ray Palmer, if this preview is any indication. And it's a testament to Gail Simone's talent that in the space of a few pages we get a smart introduction to the supporting cast, a good handle on the new guy's personality, AND a rollicking superhero story with a twist to boot.

Yeah, between this and Simone's outstanding track record, I can't see not giving this one at least three issues to hook me, and I'm guessing that it won't even take that many. Interest Level: 9/10

TRIALS OF SHAZAM --- Confession time. I have never, ever understood the appeal of Shazam, the Marvel family, or that damn wizard. Ergo, for me to want to read a 12-issue series by Judd Winick about the aforementioned elements, you've gotta have a pretty good hook. This wasn't it.

I just... nope. Can't do it. There's nothing here to make me think that this will be anything but generic superheroing about someone I don't have any interest in, with the customary supply of heavy handed Winick "shocking" "plotting". Someone be sure to let me know if this turns out well. Interest Level: 0/10

Oh, and by the way, the framing device used for Brave New World? The Earth is being watched to see what happens... watched by a whole passel of Monitors.

Yes, those Monitors. What's that saying about going to the well once too often?


Blogger Unknown said...

Haha everything you found interesting I didn't and vice-versa.

10:32 AM  
Blogger CalvinPitt said...

What does it say about going to the well once to often? Well it says DC's slogan is something like: "The New DC: Startingly similar to the 1980s DC."

Feel the excitement! Or not.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You never liked the Marvels?

I-- Well-- I....


5:19 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

Okay, but the speaking Monitor has Blockade Boy's sweet-ass mutton-chops.

And the one in the middle has a suit from the Anti-Monitor Collection for walking plot devices.

Seriously, I paid a buck for a pretty kick ass Atom story (a very old school and silver agey story at that), and happened to get some pretty art work to surround it.

That's a pretty good deal.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Isn't Jack Ryder a righty blowhard? Or did I misread him all these years?

9:06 PM  
Blogger Jakob Brzovic said...

No love for the Marvel family? I can't explain it but Capt. Marvel has always had a soft spot in my young heart.

The new Manhunter? Garbage. I want the old design back.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

DCUboy: God bless the blogosphere!

Calvin: Good one.

Mallet: Yep. Maybe it's never having read any of the classic Shazam stuff, or maybe it's because to me he'll always be the weenie from Kingdom Come, but I can't see the appeal.

Steven: Yep. Good point about the silver-agey-ness, too. The All-New Atom is going on the pull list tomorrow.

Greg: I have no idea, having never read the Creeper. The phrase "lefty blowhard" is taken straight from the preview though, so apparently that's the direction they're going in.

Jakob: See above comment re: Shazam. Understood, though. Also, yes, the new design makes him look like a stuffed pepper.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it says DC's slogan is something like: "The New DC: Startingly similar to the 1980s DC."

Only rape-ier!

8:24 AM  
Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Finally read my copy and I'm looking forward to the Creeper and am intrigued by the Atom, the two I was most expecting and hoping, respectively, to enjoy. I like some of Niles' IDW work (particularly Secret Skull) and am giving Simone one more chance to hook me after Killer Princesses and JLA: Classified left me unimpressed.

Uncle Sam gave me a similar buzz at the end, but Randy's "Ultimatish" description is right on and I'm not a fan of the Ultimates. I also don't see Acuña, whose art I like, staying on schedule for eight months straight. I'll give the inevitable TPB a look, though.

7:49 AM  

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