Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Just May Explode With Joy

Here's the red and gold armor forthcoming in the Iron Man movie:

It's a perfect blend of three things:

1) Old school --- The circular uni-beam on the chest, the hip-pods, and the repulsor rays in the hands.

2) New school --- the facemask, the shoulder pads, and the actuators.

3) Designed for live-action --- the thing looks like a SUIT, for God's sake, that someone could actually wear and be convincing in on the screen.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: this whole "favorite hero being brought to the big screen" thing is going FAR better than I ever, ever thought it would.

This is either the culmination of 20 years of prayer finally paying off, or an elaborate practical joke that can only end in the senseless destruction that fanboys can inflict when truly disappointed.

But man. Squee x 10.



Blogger Siskoid said...

Marvel movies' only false step for me as yet has been Fantastic Four (though I haven't seen Ghost Rider). And I include Hulk and Elektra!

DC's been less solid with Batman Begins a clear winner, but Superman Returns a real let-down and random stinkers like Catwoman.

5:03 AM  
Blogger Tom the Bomb said...

I love the look. I remain extremely curious about movement. Not so much when he's flying on repulsor power -- I can see that looking pretty good. But what about when he's moving around on foot?

5:27 AM  
Anonymous SanctumSanctorumComix said...

NOT a fan of Iron Man, to say the least, but even I have to say that THIS (and the grey armor already leaked) look AWESOME!

With Downey as Stark, I'll be seeing this flick.

(Let's hope it's MUCH better than the Animated piece of crap they released earlier this year.)


9:53 AM  
Anonymous Mark Engblom said...

Heck, he can't move any stiffer than the Batman actors did in that particular costume....that said, here's hoping they can work in SOME degree of neck mobility. As with Spider-Man, they'll also be battling the "zero emotion" factor from a non-moving that's probably the biggest visual concern on my part. Other than that, the suit looks amazing.

Like you said, a perfect blend of old and new school.

11:08 AM  
Blogger kelvingreen said...

Batman should always have been in spandex, I think. The bulky rubber-armour did no favours, and they could have got Bale to do whatever yoga it is Maguire does to fill out the (non-padded) Spidey suit.

I like this Iron Man suit a lot. It should, in theory, be easier to do Iron Man, because they can build a suit for character scenes and go full cgi for action sequences. Since it's an artificial, not organic, form, it won't look too weird in cgi.

I'm still hoping (against hope, I know) for a good Thor movie. It should be rain and mud all the way, 13th Warrior style. But with superpowers.

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Brian Cronin said...

I AM interested in what it will look like in movement, but yeah, from first glance, it looks AWESOME.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous ciinephile said...

Iron Man is probably my second-favorite marvel hero, after spider-man, so I'm pretty excited about this movie, too. I love your funny joke about it potentially being one long, extended prank on IM fanboys, but seriously-- a talented writer-director; a strong supporting cast (including, I just learned, Jeff bridges as Obadiah Stane-- and btw, how cool is it that they even remember a relatively obscure villain from the mid-80s? I know that fans know his importance, but he certainly doesn't have the "even non-fans have heard of him" cachet of the joker or lex luthor. That character gesture alone gives me hope); some great-looking costumes and sets; and perhaps the most intriguing casting of a lead in any comics movie (and one rife with star-role resonance, if they ever do the alcoholism storyline). Even if they don't get everything right, I suspect this will be more batman begins than batman and robin.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous cinephile said...

Great blog, btw-- I discovered it through a link on Mark E's comic coverage site. Comics+stephen colbert references=fun! (:

11:08 AM  

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