Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Limited Fun With Old Marvel Web Pages

I now present a post comprised entirely of me making fun of old Marvel web pages; join me, won't you, as we walk down the hallowed halls of the halcyon days of 2005! Or something.

The lesson: archive your web pages as they become outdated, or risk jackasses like me taking cheap shots at your expense.

Let's begin!

1) Did anyone ever win this contest? I checked IMDB for the cast list, and they all seem like professional actors to me. Bonus fun: download the PDF scripts and create your own Ultimates 2 #13 comic!

2) The beginning of the end. Noteworthy for the downloadable "Who's dead?" cheat sheet gimmick they're reusing for World War Hulk, and the charmingly Stan Lee-esque exhortation, "Marvelites, be forewarned, while you need not buy every single issue of this blockbuster, you will want to once you see how the events of any -- nay, EVERY -- issue will ripple through each of your favorite titles for MONTHS to come!"

3) Hey kids! It's Marvel Monthly Newsletters! For the truly dedicated comics historian.

4) Remember this imprint? Actually, Runaways, Young Avengers, and Livewires were pretty good. Didn't read Spellbinders (no interest), Arana (is that still going with one of those months-long hiatus between "seasons", or was it cancelled?), or X-23 (the definition of "inessential".)

5) Ah, er, ummm... yeah, not so much. In retrospect, the phrase "best martial arts action this side of Bruce Lee" probably should never, ever be used.

6) The Marvel event of the decade! Well, the third one, anyway.

Reviews tomorrow!

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Blogger kelvingreen said...

That contest has to be false. I mean, would they really hire a six year old to voice Captain America? Of course, if there was no chance of winning, then that casts Marvel in a murky, and possibly illegal, light.

Oh god, Dissassembled, the most cack-handed crossover yet. Spider-Man was counted because Captain America was in that storyline (and what a storyline! I could go on and on about that one...) and the Fantastic Four were included because, um, the Avengers weren't in their storyline. Um...

Apparently X-23, despite being completely inessential, is quite good. Did Spellbinders even run its course, or did it get cancelled prematurely? Let's not forget that Runaways was a holdover from the previous New Readers Initiative, Tsunami, although we might want to.

Again, from a legal standpoint, are Marvel even allowed to mention the Elektra movie and Bruce Lee in the same sentence?

House of M. The horror!

11:15 AM  
Blogger joncormier said...

Ah the days when I started reading comics again. Lo, the memories.

5:45 AM  
Blogger ZC said...

...So, wait a second. Marvel was calling themselves the "house of ideas" before House of M?


11:49 AM  

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