Friday, March 30, 2007

6 Random Thoughts

Howdy all, some random-ish thoughts on a Friday.

1) Didn't do the June solicitations revues this week as planned because... well, quite frankly because as I looked through them there was hardly anything that caught my eye, for good or for bad. That's not a good sign.

2) Is anyone else experiencing this weird coloring problem in their Marvel comics now and again? Seems like every other comic I get on at least one page there's a weird pink sheen covering the page that gives everything a distinct pinkish tint. It's been happening (that I've noticed) for at least the last year or so. Because I'm a ghetto blogger, I don't have a scanner to display an example, just wondering if anyone else sees this.

3) As I mentioned the other day, just Godland for me this week, and I must say I thought it was a nice return to form after a couple of so-so months. Says a lot though, that even a so-so Godland is typically better than half the big properties from either Marvel or DC in any given month.

4) So, I gave 52 four issues to hook me, it didn't, and I ignored it the rest of the way through. I'm considering doing the same thing with Countdown, but A) I'm in the minority (I guess) in that I don't really want a weekly comic, and B) I'm afraid I might be lost not having read 52. What say you, readers?

5) Also, if you're wondering how to comment on New Joe Mondays over at Atomic, you have to be logged in to the Atomic site to comment. It's a monstrous-looking registration form, but 90% of it isn't required anyway.

6) Finally, here's a fanTAStic way to kill a couple hours at work today: the Euphemism Generator. You're welcome and I'm sorry.

Happy Weekend!



Blogger ZC said...

Countdown has little to do with 52, story-wise. They're both self-contained.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Dumma said...

I agree with ZC, in fact I'd say that if Countdown is anything like 52 then it'll have several different stories that just happen to be in the same book

2:00 PM  

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