Friday, January 04, 2008

2GBC Comes Out Of Hibernation, Immediately Gets Pissed

...yeah, we're back. And grumpier than ever. Mainly because of this interview.

Congratulations, fucktards. Online schmoes (like me, but with different opinions, so it's ok for me to rail against them) have run Mark Waid off my favorite DC book and now the Flash that I had been enjoying so much just won't be the same.

Jesus, people, how can you have hated the Flash? OK, maybe the art took some getting used to, but it certainly wasn't bad. In some cases, it was downright pretty.

Oh. I forgot. It's a DC book that's not all "edgy" and "dark" and "of cosmic importance" and "tied in to whatever shitty weekly series we're foisting off on the public this year", so it had to change.


So to our 4 remaining readers, welcome to 2008 here at 2GBC. It's not starting off well.

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Anonymous WM said...

Ha,ha! No it's not a good way to start off 2008, but welcome back all the same.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Solstar said...

Oh the usual fanboys.they bitch about whenever there's something "Innovative" that change their freaking universe.this new flash was good to me,( idon't read dc comics at all,but flash is an exception)but,again,fanboys are too occupied to bitch that there's something new instead than actually read that comic....

2:20 AM  

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