Wednesday, December 14, 2005

*Knock Knock* Housekeeping!

Here we go:

1) A belated welcome to the Third Guy Buying Comics, Jake. Jake and I are old friends and he's got a whole lot of opinions to share, some of which you've already seen and responded to. As Jake astutely pointed out, we've come too far in our hoary 5-month-old career (and put too much work into making 2 Guys Buying Comics "one of the top 8000 comics blogs out there") to change the name to 3 Guys Buying Comics, so there.

2) Speaking of sidebar links, there's a whole pile of them that I keep trying to add to ours, but Blogger goes into epileptic fits when I try to republish after a template change. We're working on it, promise. (And let's face it; you're not likely to find anything new there if you're even remotely familiar with the comicsblogoweb, so you've probably got them all bookmarked anyway.)

3) The Comics Blogger Poll 2005 is up over at Crisis/Boring Change. I'm not sure you're even legally allowed to read a blog anymore unless you have one of your own, so chances are good (but not a given) that you'll get to vote in this. It should be an interesting hivemind experiment to see what (if any) general conclusions can be drawn about the opinions of the comicsblogoweb.

4) Continue to expect what we hope is a good mix of opinion pieces and reviews. Randy's back from India now, so we should get some more review work from him up here shortly as well. As always, let us know how we're doing, because we're narcissistic bastards who love to read comments. Now that we're fairly comfortable with a posting schedule, we're may even dip into memes, lists, and theme weeks! Hello? Hello? Where'd everyone go?

5) Finally, a big, BIG thanks to those who continue to read and support our efforts to hear our own voices. To those of you also writing, keep up the great work --- I'm truly astonished at how many quality comics blogs with their own distinct voices there are out there.

Here's hoping all of you have safe and happy holidays this year!